10 Burning Questions on Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation

10 Burning Questions on Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation

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This is about you. This is your road, your path, what you decide to do in innovation, which technologies and methodologies you embrace, experiment in, and ultimately master. Enterprises are rapidly shifting how they innovate and how they obsess over continuous value creation and Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing are two of the approaches being embraced the world over. 

The “why” is basic, fundamental, and true. Enterprises can not go fast enough. They can not access and source the amazing and hyperspecific talent they need to create new user experiences and solutions. They can not afford to continue to risk so much, for what can be so little return when attempting to innovate via traditional means. They need to change. 

Change requires change agents, and that’s why this is about you. We spent the last several months thinking deeply about some of the myths that persist in Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing. People clinging to notions that Open Innovation “can’t” be used for certain types of work or that the minutia of Crowdsourcing – items such as: How can I get people to work on my challenge? …  Who will pay the winners?…  How do I even decide who wins!!!? – make it near-impossible to even get going. This also needs to change.

The paralyzing totality of Open Innovation is manifested in our brains, and it is a false premise. This is about you breaking through the perceived barriers and notions that may have stopped you previously and providing you with core fundamentals you will need in order to bring Open Innovation successfully into your business or enterprise. Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing are not magic. They are newer ways to produce and innovate like never before. Like anything else new, for you to master the skills that it takes to emerge as exceptional, you will need to learn, experiment, and grow. To do any of the preceding, you need to begin. So let’s begin, right here, right now. 

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TopCoder eBook - 10 Burning Questions Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing

This starting guide is focused on 10 essential questions about Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing that you should be asking. It is both for beginners and for those who have already experienced Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing in some capacity and are now ready to take their efforts to an entirely new level. Read this book and you will learn:

How do I decide how much money to offer “the crowd”?

How long should my contests run for?

How do I decide and pick the winners?

How do I prepare a project for success?

How do I ensure the right talent is working on my project or build?

How does iteration and subject matter expertise work with “the crowd”?

How do I manage my Open Innovation & Crowdsourced competitions?

How do I accomplish complex as well as simple tasks?

How do we protect Intellectual Property?

How can we truly scale Open Innovation?

The next move is yours. It always has been. If you are looking to accelerate your career, looking to accelerate how your business, your team, and your enterprise creates new products, assets, and user experiences, or simply looking to gain new knowledge. This book is for you. All of this, is about you. 

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